Kate Wheeler Footcare


Consultation Appointment (without treatment) £20

A consultation to discuss and review any issues or concerns including a full assessment.

The initial appointment £30.00 (Inc treatment)

A full assessment including a circulation (vascular) and neurological  (nerve) review. Medical history and any prescribed and non prescribed medication is noted. Diagnosis & Treatment plan agreed. This appointment required if you have not consulted Kate in last 12 months.

Full standard treatment £27.00

Nail cutting, thickened nails reduced with the professional file/burr.  Corns and calluses removed. Heels smoothed. Emollient application and massage.  Advice issued.

Simple nail cutting £15.00

(Subject to the initial appointment)  

If the toe nails are healthy, and not thickened or damaged, this is a low cost, follow up and maintenance treatment.

Complex nail treatment/cutting £27.00

Thickened, infected or damaged nails are difficult to cut & require time,skill and high quality equipment. Treatment includes Nail cutting, professional nail file/burr to reduce nail thickness, & debridement of calluses or corns around, or beneath the nail; followed by emollient application and massage.

Verrucae Treatment  £15.00 per session

Nail surgery from £150.00

Surgical procedures carried out under local anaesthesia, permanently removing a troublesome nail.

Redressing appointment  £15.00

Home Visits Prices depend upon location, nature of treatment required.

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